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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working from home is a commitment to others.

When we start a home business, we create an obligation to others. When we hang out a shingle that says I am in business we cannot just pick up and put down our business whenever it is convenient for us to do so.

If you treat your business in such a manner you won't have a business very long. This is especially true with an online business where is someone wants to order from you and you do not get back to them right away you will Lose  the sale most likely.  If you have a business with thousand of other reps, or a highly competitive business you cannot set it aside for two weeks because your on vacation. At least not without letting customers and prospective customers know now.  Even if you Ill let a friend know find a way to have someone look at emails or cover for you in extended periods of time when you are going to be gone.

 A business is serious and we all need to be respectful our those who are looking to do business with us.

How much money get taken off the table because of home business owners who do not  get back to People.

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